4D Researchlab



The 4D Research Lab was founded by dr. Patricia Lulof in 2012, eight years after her first 3D reconstruction of the Late Archaic temple of Satricum. With years of experience in reconstructing the past, dr. Lulof saw 3D modeling could be a powerful research tool not only in archaeology, but to every discipline within the Humanities concerned with built environment.

The 4D Research Lab is realized by a generous grant of the Faculty of Humanities, Research Priority Area Cultural Heritage and Identity in 2012 and continued by additional finance as a part of Creative Amsterdam: An E-Humanities Perspective (CREATE) by Julia Noordegraaf. The Lab forms part and parcel of the Research group Architecture of Identities. A 4D Research Lab, which is embedded in the Amsterdam School of Heritage and Memory (ASHMMC) and included in the sub-theme Digital Heritage .

Additional funding is provided by ACHI (Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity) for the organization of a workshop at the NIAS and for the construction of the website of the Lab. Several grants were awarded to the Lab by the Amsterdam University Foundation, in order to purchase hardware such as a large touchscreen, a powerful project-notebook and an advanced 3D scanner. The financing of this 3D scanner was matched by ACASA, which facilitates the office-space of the Lab too.