4D Researchlab


Scientific Committee*

P.S. Lulof

Patricia Lulof is Associate Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology at the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA) at the University of Amsterdam. She is currently scientific supervisor of the 4D Research Lab, that she founded in 2012. After completing her BA and MA, she received a PhD in Classical Archaeology and History of Ancient Art at the University of Amsterdam.
Patricia Lulof's research field is on the decorative and architectural transition in sanctuaries, networks and workshops from the Regal period and the Roman Republic in South Etruria, Latium Vetus and Campania. Her main research interests focus on Pre-Roman Archaeology and Archaic architecture and building techniques in particular. She is regarded a worldwide specialist in architectural terracottas and decorative roof systems. She supervised several successful projects in the context of 3D modeling and ancient architecture, among which The Art of Reconstruction (2012-2013, Faculty Research Priority Area Cultural Heritage and Identity), Archaeology of Architecture (2013-2014, Faculty Research Priority Area Creative Industry-Digital Humanities) and Biographies of Buildings. Virtual Futures for our Cultural Past (2014-2015, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study).

B. Kempers

Bram Kempers is Professor in Social History of Art at the University of Amsterdam and is co-founder of the 4D Research Lab. Kempers is currently involved in the 4D Lab as member of the Scientific Committee, and guides several projects at the Lab. After graduating in 1978 in Sociology, combined with Art History, Philosophy of Art, Economics and Italian and his PhD in 1987 on Art, power and patronage, professor Kempers’ work nowadays focusses on which ways we can produce traditional empirical data, ranging from drawings to notarial acts, to allow for digital modelling, and how multidimensional models can be used as a research tool in the fields of art history, history, archaeology, and the social sciences.

J. Symonds

James Symonds is currently Professor of Historical Archaeology (North of the Alps) at the University of Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA). Symonds is involved in the 4D Lab as scientific advisor. Professor Symonds research interests include the study of capitalism, colonialism, and landscapes of Improvement and diaspora, urban and industrial archaeology, and the archaeology of poverty and inequality. He has undertaken teaching and published research relating to the Isle of South Uist (Western Isles, Scotland), Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island (Canada), Ostrobothnia and Lapland (Finland), and west Bohemia (Czech Republic). Symonds has for the most part concentrated on the historical archaeology of the 18th and 19th centuries, with occasional forays into the 20th century. He is currently devising a project to explore the archaeology of conflict in 17th century Europe and a project focussing on a certain area in Amsterdam, which shall include the 3D modeling of an entire neighbourhood.

R. Bod

Rens Bod is Professor of Digital Humanities and Director of the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. He investigates the humanities from both computational and historical perspectives, and is connected to the 4D Research Lab as advisor on digital matters in the Scientific Committee. His computational work covers natural language cognition, computational musicology, digital aesthetics and computational literary studies. He is one of the main architects of the so-called data-oriented parsing model, a general machine learning technique for attributing structure to humanities data. His historical work focuses on the comparative history of the humanities from a world-wide perspective.

* All information and photos derived from the personal pages from http://www.uva.nl/over-de-uva/organisatie/medewerkers/content