The 4D Research Lab Facilitates researchers from different disciplines in the Humanities
who have specific spatial and architectural, i.e. three dimensional questions that cannot be
answered with traditional methods. It provides computing facilities, 3D scanners, 3D
modeling programs and the computational specialists to assist scholars in their
research to transformations in the ancient built environment.

3D Reconstructions

3D modelling is increasingly becoming an essential research tool in the study of ancient architecture.

3D Scanning

To complete the visualisation, we make 3D scans of architectural elements and objects and place them in their original context.


As being an integral part of research, we document the visualisation process, generating a vast amount of paradata.


We offer support in 3D modelling for students and researches, and guide BA- and Ma-tutorials and theses.


All annotated 3D models are stored in a database, accompanied with their research-, meta- and paradata.

4D Research Lab

The use of 3D reconstructions during research into built environments
offers new insights and a new approach for analyzing data. The many
perspectives on the actual building itself, its spatial context, and the
possibility of visualizing the architectural phases through time (the ā€˜4Dā€™
element), makes 3D modeling an innovative tool for the specialist.

About Us

The 4D Research Lab is located at ACASA (Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology) - Department of Archaeology, and contributes to the Amsterdam Center for Digital Humanities and the Digital Heritage Lab.


The principal objective is to assist scholars from the Humanities in their research to built environments. Next to that we develop standards and methods for visualisations of heritage, thereby contributing to the London Charter.

3D Reconstructions

We provide computing facilties with 3D modeling software and 3D specialist to assist scholars in building 3D reconstructions. The Lab also may develop websites and apps to present the reconstuctions.


We offer BA- and MA-tutorials and theses. These might consist of either the prepatory collection of data for a 3D reconstruction or the actual 3D modelling and documentation of the process


The 4D Lab has access to several 3D scanners to record objects ranging from small artefacts to complete buildings. The Lab also provides the computing power and specialists to process the pointclouds to meshes.


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