Gerrit Rietveld's UNESCO Pressroom, 1958

Years: 2019

Supervision: Tijm Lanjouw

Modelling and research: Tijm Lanjouw / Santje Pander

Project description: Project in collaboration with Post-MA trainee (Conservation and Resaturation) Santje Pander. The lost press room of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, designed by Rietveld, has been completely 3D reconstructed on the basis of existing historical (visual) sources. The model serves to analyze the light and color effect, based on an extensive study of (the wear and tear of) colors in light. This project has entered a second phase in which an app is being developed to conclude the 3D model for a presentation of the press room to the public and UNESCO.

Publications: forthcoming.

Model in progress, integration of design drawings in a Blender environment.
Final model with realistic materials and sunlight rendering.