Main staff


Dr. Hayley Mickleburgh

Scientific Director

Hayley Mickleburgh is the scientific director of the 4DRL. She is an archaeologist and a certified 3D modelling and animation specialist, with training and research/teaching experience in forensic archaeology, mortuary archaeology and digital archaeology. She is also a certified forensic facial reconstruction artist, and produces 3D digital reconstructions based on the craniofacial features of the human skull. She teaches digital archaeology at undergraduate and graduate levels at the Amsterdam Center of Ancient Studies and Archaeology. Her research interests also include forensic taphonomy, mass graves, sensory archaeology, the ethics regarding human remains in archaeology and museums, and Caribbean archaeology.

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Dr. Jitte Waagen


Jitte Waagen works as a digital archaeologist at the University of Amsterdam. He is specialised in Geo-ICT, quantitative modelling and image based modelling.

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Dr. Patricia Lulof

Founder (retired)

Patricia Lulof is the founder of the 4DRL. With years of experience in reconstructing the past, Dr. Lulof realised that 3D modelling could be a powerful research tool not only in archaeology, but to every discipline within the Humanities concerned with built environment. She founded the lab in 2012, eight years after her first 3D reconstruction of the Late Archaic temple of Satricum. Her academic specialisations include pre-Roman temple construction, architectural terracottas and temple roof systems.



Dr. Chiara Piccoli

Research Fellow/ Data Scientist 3D Reconstruction in the Humanities

Chiara Piccoli specialised in digital methods in humanities research, with a special interest in urban and domestic contexts. She obtained her PhD in digital archaeology from Leiden University (2018) where she taught in the Digital Archaeology MSc. She is a member of the Digital Heritage research group (AHM) and affiliated researcher of the Data Science Centre. Besides her appointment at the 4DRL, Chiara works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Virtual Interiors project and as a GIS specialist at the Leiden archaeological company Archol.



Tijm Lanjouw

Senior 3D technician and modeller

Tijm Lanjouw is an archaeologist specialised in computer applications, in particular the use of 3D modelling as a research tool. Besides his work for the 4DRL he pursues a doctoral degree at the University of Leiden.



Alicia Walsh

Junior 3D technician and modeller

Alicia Walsh is an archaeologist specialising in the use of 3D visualisations for research, education and public outreach. She obtained a Master's degree from Leiden University in Heritage Management and Digital Archaeology. She is also specialised in archaeological illustrations and field techniques, and has an interest in the ethics of digitisation.




Markus Stoffer


Archaeologist specialising in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality applications in research & education, focused on archaeology and heritage. Skilled in VR/AR using Unity3D, as well as gaining experience in 3D visualisation through modeling, scanning and photogrammetry.



Student assistants

Mattia Lucca

Mattia Lucca

Archaeology student specialising in Digital Archaeology and Heritage Management. With a focus on the application of 3D modelling and 3D visualisation in research and education.


Mason Scholte

Archaeology and Geo-informatics student specializing in the application of remote sensing in the field of archaeology. Focused on learning about the past through the use of sensors, models, and GIS techniques.

Scientific board

The scientific board has an advisory function, warranting the scientific quality of the 4DRL.

prof. dr. Rens Bod - Digital Humanities

prof. dr. Lex Bosman - History of Architecture

prof. dr. Julia Noordegraaf - Digital Heritage

dr. Jill Hilditch - Associate Professor in Archaeology

prof. dr. Bram Kempers - Sociology of Art

dr. Wim Hupperetz - Director Allard Pierson Museum