The Allard Pierson’s Centuripe pyxis

Year: 2022

Commissioned by: Laurien de Gelder, Allard Pierson

Data collection and modelling: Tijm Lanjouw

Project description:

For an assignment by Laurien de Gelder, curator of the archaeological collections at the Allard Pierson, a unique ceramic vessel or pyxis (inv. APM13.988) with lid was captured and modelled using photogrammetry and RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging).

Recently, the Allard Pierson received a request by a prosecutor from Italy to return the object, orginating from Centuripe, a town in Sicily. As part of the restitution agreement, the vase was fully documented using current digital documentation techniques in 2D and 3D.

The purpose of the photogrammetric 3D model is to allow the Allard Pierson to exhibit a digital version of the object in various ways, while RTI was employed to see if it could help in the study of manufacture details and historical restorations.


De Gelder, L., 2022. Object retour: een pyxis uit Centuripe. Allard Pierson Magazine, 126, pp. 6-8.

Photogrammetric data collection setup
Capturing the surface for RTI imaging

Video of the 3D model with simulated light and surface properties

Surface detail of Centuripe vase relit by RTI software
Surface detail of Centuripe vase relit by RTI software