Digitizing Roman coins at the Allard Pierson Museum

Years: 2022-2023

Supervision: Jitte Waagen

Modelling and research: Alicia Walsh / Tijm Lanjouw

Commissioner: Marleen Termeer, Radboud University / Allard Pierson Museum

Project description: Project commissioned by Marleen Termeer, Assistant Professor at Radboud University, the 4DRL has made both  photogrammetric high-resolution scans and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) images of a set of Roman Coins held at the Allard Pierson Museum and from a private collection. The scanning and visualisation of these coins is a valorisation element for the NWO VENI project "Coining Roman rule? The emergence of coinage as money in the Roman world". They also serve as an element of the Allard Pierson Museum's Cross Culture Timeline (CCT), a digital application that places artifacts in a geographical, cultural and historical context.

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Allard Pierson coins - A 3D model collection by Allard Pierson (@AllardPierson) - Sketchfab

RTI images showing changes in light direction.
RTI images showing changes in light direction.