Scanning the Jardin d'Email

Years: 2018

Supervision: Jitte Waagen

Modelling and research: Jitte Waagen / Tijm Lanjouw

Project description: Project in collaboration with Post-MA intern Alice Watkins, Dr. Sanneke Stigter (both Conservation and Restoration) and the Kröller Müller Museum. The Jardin d’Email (30x40 m) in the museum's sculpture garden as well as the plaster models in the depot have been scanned in 3D using hand and drone photogrammetry. The models served to restore the artwork and were subjected to a morphological analysis by the 4DRL.


Watkins, A. S., Kensche, S., Stigter, S., Waagen, J., Lanjouw, T. (2021). The use of photogrammetry inthe conservation of painted outdoor sculpture: Adressing Jean Dubutffet’s Jardin d'Email. InT. Bechthold (Ed.), Future Talks 019: Surfaces: Lectures and workshops on technology andconservation of the modern (pp. 38). Die Neue Sammlung, The Design Museum.
Drone photogrammetry capture of the Jardin d'Email.
Photogrammetrical processing of the drone imagery into the 3D model of the sculpture.
Statistical comparison of the captured sculpture and the reconstructed scale models.