Documenting the facial reconstruction of a Russian Soldier, 1799

Years: 2018-2020

Supervision: Jitte Waagen

Modelling and research: Tijm Lanjouw, Jitte Waagen, Markus Stoffer

Project description: Original case-study of the 4DRL with AR; visualizing the process of reconstructing a human face from fragments of an excavated skull of a Russian soldier who died in the battle of Castricum in 1799. This was an unfunded side-project, executed in close collaboration with the physical anthropologist and facial reconstruction artist Maja d'Hollosy. This has been an experimental case meant to get to grips with AR technology, eventually amounting to an AR app that showed the phased reconstruction of the human face triggered by and projected over a 3D printed version of the skull.

See blog post on the project here.

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Render of the 3D scan of the original bone fragments and 3D models of the facial reconstruction by Maja d’Hollosy.
Photographing the skinned reconstruction. Photo by Maja d'Hollosy.