Vlooienburg and Valkenburg historical reconstruction

Years: 2019 - 2020

Supervision: Jitte Waagen

Modelling and research: Tijm Lanjouw / Mikko Kriek / Mattia Lucca / Vasiliki Lagari / Jitte Waagen

Project description: Project commissioned by Prof. Dr. James Symonds (ACASA) and Prof. dr. Jerzy Gawronski (Monuments and Archeology, Municipality of Amsterdam / ACASA) of the NWO project Diaspora and Identity and the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. Various historical phases of Vlooienburg, Valkenburgstraat and the synagogues have been completely reconstructed in 3D, based on an extensive study of a wide variety of source material. This project is entering a second phase where it will serve as a case study in the PURE3D project (Dr. K. Papadopoulos, University of Maastricht) and will be delivered as an online academic publication.


Lanjouw, T., & Waagen, J. (2020). De 3D-reconstructie van Vlooienburg: hoe wordt een buurt gereconstrueerd. In H. Berg, & K. van Kempen (Eds.), Waterlooplein: De buurt binnenste buiten (pp. 112-123). Walburg.

Reconstructed areas visualised on the historical Berckenrode map, ca. 1625.
Screenshot from the VR, looking from the drawbridge unto the Valkenburgerstraat, early 17th c.
Photorealistic atmospheric render of the Lange Houtstraat at the crossroads with the Korte Houtstraat, looking at the Leprozengracht