Siegerswoude (NL)

Year: 2019, 2023

Supervision: Jitte Waagen

Execution and Research: Jitte Waagen, Mikko Kriek

Project Description 2019: In a short fieldwork operation at Siegerswoude (NL) in collaboration with the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE), high quality data was collected from an agricultural field featuring an archaeological anomaly. The slightly sunken elongated feature was interpreted as a ditch dug as part of a Medieval peat extraction settlement under construction.

A 1.5-hour flight over 12 ha resulted in an IBM model of the terrain with a resolution of 1 measurement every 1.5 cm. Compared to the Algemeen Hoogtebestand Nederland (AHN), which is a digital elevation model of the country available for that research area, this is a 33‐fold improvement. The increased resolution and high accuracy has led to the identification of archaeological features that could not be detected in AHN surface models. The application of drone thermography led to the identification of subsoil anthropogenic features, likely to be of archaeological significance.

Project Description 2023: The site was revisited as part of an internship for Hogeschool Saxion student Kevin Hovens, with whom a LiDAR and multispectral flight were executed for comparison and as complement to 2019 data.

However very rainy, data was collected and allowed for some interesting observations, both on the archaeology itself as well as on the comparative value of drone LiDAR and multispectral recording at the site. The analysis of these data are still in progress.


Waagen, J., van der Heiden, M., 2021. Casestudy Siegerswoude-Middenwei. Thermisch infrarood remote sensing van een laatmiddeleeuwse nederzetting. In: Archeologische prospectie vanuit de lucht. Remote sensing in de Nederlandse archeologie (landbodems). Publisher: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.

Waagen, J.; Sánchez, J.G.; van der Heiden, M.; Kuiters, A.; Lulof, P. In the Heat of the Night: Comparative Assessment of Drone Thermography at the Archaeological Sites of Acquarossa, Italy, and Siegerswoude, The Netherlands. Drones 2022, 6, 165.

Siegerswoude (NL), left LiDAR data vs IBM data, 
right (other location) drone orthophoto vs thermal imagery (inset anomaly) Siegerswoude (NL), left LiDAR data vs IBM data, right (other location) drone orthophoto vs thermal imagery (inset anomaly)