Virtual Past Places

Years: 2022 - 2024

SURF Stimuleringsregeling Online Onderwijs: Jitte Waagen, Tijm Lanjouw, Hugo Huurdeman (information science, human-computer interaction, designer (Timeless Future))

Supervision: Jitte Waagen

Concept development: Jitte Waagen / Tijm Lanjouw / various teachers

Technical development: Tijm Lanjouw / Markus Stoffer / Mikko Kriek / Mattia Lucca / Chiara Piccoli

Project description: Within Virtual Past Places the application of online collaborative Virtual Reality is explored, implemented and evaluated in the context of Humanities education at the University of Amsterdam. Starting from conceptualization brainstorms and ABC course design sessions (link), several Virtual Reality learning environments have been developed to provide a rich task environment for students to engage with course materials.

The Virtual Reality environments have been developed in close collaboration with technology-enhanced learning, blended learning and examination experts (Jolanda Broex, Nina van Stokkum, Teaching and Learning Center of the Faculty of Humanities) as well as the respective teachers: Danielle Slootjes (Ancient Studies), Arno Verhoeven, Mieke Prent, Gert Jan van Wijngaarden, Jill Hilditch, Vladimir Stissi, Hayley Mickleburgh (ACASA) and Chiara Piccoli (Art History).

To develop a series of good practices for the implementation of Virtual Reality in Humanities education, the learning activities will be thoroughly evaluated and analyzed. An elaborate evaluation programme (questionnaires, focus group interviews, teacher interviews, systematic controlled experiments) has been developed, assisted by Hugo Huurdeman.


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